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    Juve’s Kean could leave club over tractor dispute

    Moise Kean, 17, broke into the Juventus senior team last season with a trio of Serie A appearances that concluded with a goal against Bologna on May 27. Kean’s father, Biorou, says Juventus has broken a contractual promise to his family, and that could send the teenager into the transfer market. “Juventus offered a contract of €700,000-a-year, which was fine, but the problem is they had also promised me some tractors for my agricultural business in the Ivory Coast, but now they say there is no budget for them.

  • FIFA takes no further action on Mexico-New Zealand clashes

    FIFA takes no further action on Mexico-New Zealand clashes

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) FIFA will not intervene after reviewing two volatile clashes between New Zealand and Mexico players and coaches. FIFA says “it has been verified that there are no grounds for any disciplinary action to be taken.” Tempers flared in a running brawl late in Mexico’s 2-1 comeback win on Wednesday in Sochi. Three players were shown yellow cards after match officials paused the game to review video. Replays showed at least one other player went unpunished after running into the melee to strike an opponent in the head. In the first half, Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio was caught on the TV broadcast aiming a verbal obscenity at New Zealand coaching staff. Osorio later apologized

  • Celtic’s Griffiths tears into Rangers chairman after “gulf” comments

    Celtic’s Griffiths tears into Rangers chairman after “gulf” comments

    Celtic star Leigh Griffiths took the Old Firm bait and promptly swallowed the fisherman. If you missed it, Rangers chairman Dave King said Celtic should’ve been even further ahead of their rivals given the setbacks handed to Rangers, who finally climbed back to the Scottish Premiership this season. Celtic went unbeaten, drawing just four of 38 matches and finished 39 points ahead of Rangers on the table. If Celtic won all 38, they could’ve finished 47 points clear of Rangers. So, we guess the gulf could be bigger. Here’s what Griffiths had to say: “What was the gulf? 30-odd points. How does he expect that to be bigger? They were touting at the start of last season that they were going to win