• Yahoo Finance Canada

    Canada Goose targets $3B in sales and expansion into eyewear, luggage and home

    The company's ambitious growth plan is built on on targeting women and younger customers, adding new products, and more than doubling its retail stores.

  • NBC News

    Carnivores’ attacks on humans are becoming more common, and climate change isn’t helping

    Attacks on humans by carnivorous animals have increased steadily since 1950, as growing human populations in new areas make such incidents more common, according to a study published last week.

  • Reuters

    'Fences protect Europe', Hungary's Orban says ahead of EU migration summit

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Tuesday called for European Union financing for border fences, reviving an idea long seen as inadmissible ahead of a summit of the bloc's leaders to discuss curbing irregular immigration. EU states are bitterly split over sharing out the task of caring for refugees on their soil, and have for years focused on tightening their external borders to prevent people from arriving through unofficial - and often deadly - routes. Countries including Poland, Hungary and Slovenia erected border fences to keep refugees and migrants away, though the EU executive European Commission, which manages the bloc's shared budget, has so far refused to pay for such barriers, saying it would run against liberal democratic values and human rights.