Dirty Tackle - World Soccer

In a video that is perhaps even more appropriate now than it was when it was filmed, this is a young Juergen Klinsmann -- the new manager of the U.S. national team -- singing about making it "all the way in America" with his German teammates and the Village People(!) ahead of the 1994 World Cup.

Klinsy's close-up comes around the 50-second mark and he makes the most of it by singing along and bobbing his blonde locks like he has the neck strength of a newborn.

Though this uplifting tune only propelled the Germans to a quarterfinal loss to Bulgaria that year, its true purpose is only just being realized now, 17 years later. This will be the anthem of Klinsmann's reign. Let's go! All right!

Thanks to @rogbennett for the spot!

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Dirty Tackle

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