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AWOL Carlos Tevez wins golf tournament, wears plaid pantsSince Carlos Tevez definitely isn't playing for Man City as he is contracted to do, just what is he doing with himself? Well, he's doing what any stereotypical millionaire with free time would do: winning golf tournaments in Buenos Aires while wearing ridiculous plaid pants.

From Soccernet:

Tevez, who returned to his homeland without City's permission after being charged with misconduct following his refusal to warm-up against Bayern Munich in September, won a Buenos Aires Grand Prix for professionals and amateurs, partnering golfers Sebastian Fernandez and Andres Romero. [...]

Fernandez, one of Tevez's partners in Sunday's Grand Prix said: "He did not say anything about his problems with his club, but I was struck by the peace he had ... He plays golf very well."

I'm sure that makes everyone at Man City feel better. After all, you don't want the star player who ran out on your club after refusing to play to feel at all troubled by his decisions.

At this point, City should give him to a third division club inside the Arctic Circle for nothing and see how he likes the golf courses there.

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