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Four long years ago, France's Zinedine Zidane headbutted Italy's Marco Materazzi in the chest during the World Cup final. Italy would go on to win and Zidane would go on to retire -- all of this you know. 

What you may not know is that these two are still going at it all these years later. When asked about the incident by El Pais, Zidane said:

"Of course I reproach myself, but, if I say 'sorry', I would also be admitting that what he himself did was normal, and for me it was not normal.

"Things happen on the pitch. It's happened to me many times, but I could not stand it there. Because moreover ... it is not an excuse, but my mother was ill. She was in hospital. This people did not know, but it was a bad time.

"More than once they insulted my mother and I never responded, but there ... and it happened. And to apologise for this - if it was Kaka, a regular guy, a good guy, of course I would have apologised, but to this one...

"If I ask him forgiveness, I lack respect to myself and to all those I hold dear with all my heart. I apologise to football, to the fans, to the team. After the game, I went into the dressing room and told them, 'Forgive me. This doesn't change anything, but sorry everyone'.

"But to him I cannot. Never, never. It would be to dishonour me. I'd rather die. There are evil people, and I don't even want to hear those guys speak."

Well, instead of making Zidane hear him speak, Materazzi instead posted a jibe of his own on his official website today in the form of the image you see above, thanking Zidane in French for that lovely World Cup trophy. 

As you can probably see by now, this will never ever end.

Source: Soccernet

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Dirty Tackle

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