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Inter fans probably aren't very happy about Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining AC Milan from Barcelona, but they aren't posting his obituary on Internet forums (yet). Serbian national team goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic hasn't been so fortunate, though.

Stojkovic was a youth product of Red Star Belgrade and since leaving the club in 2004, he has remained on affectionate terms to the point where he was apparently presented as an honorary Red Star member in a public ceremony in June. Which is why Red Star fans are less than pleased that, just two months later, Stojkovic has joined hated rival Partizan Belgrade on loan from Sporting CP.

From the AFP:

Although Partizan's supporters are divided over Stojkovic's move, fans of Red Star reacted with fury and some even threatened the goalkeeper and his family.

Local media reported that an unknown group posted his obituary on a sports' forum webpage, while his Red Star club jersey was taken off the wall of the team's cafe.

"I understand the fans, but posting my obituary is too much," said Stojkovic, although he denied reports he had asked Partizan for bodyguards.

Why would you deny that? When people -- and not just any people, but Red Star ultras, who aren't joking around -- are posting your obituary and threatening your family, you should be saying, "Yes, I have lots of bodyguards and they are all clones of Jason Statham with laser guns." 

Anyway, good luck to Stojkovic this season. The threat of giving up goals could be the least of his worries. 

Photo: Reuters

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