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WIthin seconds of winning their third Copa Libertadores title and first since 1963, Santos took on Penarol in an all-out brawl that included a lot of kicking and even more pointing. It was an unfortunate way to end a second leg match that finished 2-1, with all three goals coming in the second half. Neymar struck first (because that was pretty much his destiny) and when the violence subsided, a joyous Pele came out and celebrated with the team.

From the AP:

"A (Santos) fan entered the field and provoked us," Penarol forward Alejandro Martinuccio said. "They have to learn how to celebrate, we had accepted the loss."

A couple of Santos players were hit and stayed on the ground after the fight, but none were seriously injured. Penarol players later calmed down and came back to receive their runner-up medals.

"They were a worthy opponent, but they don't know how to lose," Santos defender Leo said.

So Santos don't know how to celebrate and Penarol don't know how to lose? Sounds about right. Highlights of the two clubs playing football instead of trying to kill each other right this way...

Santos win Copa Libertadores, immediately fight Penarol

Santos win Copa Libertadores, immediately fight Penarol

Pele says: "This trophy belongs to Pele!"

Photo: Getty, AP

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Dirty Tackle

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