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November 28, 2010

Ronaldinho is cold

No, that's not the Grim Reaper supporting college roommate Adriano Galliani's club during their match against Sampdoria on Saturday. It's Ronaldinho trying to keep himself warm on the bench after what was probably yet another late night at the samba club.

For the third straight match, Ronaldinho only came on for AC Milan as a substitute in the final minutes of the 1-1 draw, even though he did score a goal in the five minutes he played against Auxerre in the middle of the week. So, while Dinho spent most of the game trying hide from the brisk Genoa temperatures and/or trying to keep Massimiliano Allegri from catching him napping, he had plenty of time to think about how lovely a transfer back to Brazil or to Los Angeles would be right about now.

He did peek out from his full body covering, though, revealing just his eyes in an effort to keep watch for any Zlatan Ibrahimovic sneak attacks... 

What you can't see? Ronaldinho smiling that big and wide Ronaldinho smile as he laughs at the mere mortals on the pitch. 

Photos: Foto Pegaso, Reuters

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