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The last thing you want to happen to you after playing a match is to be attacked by a Rottweiler on the pitch. While it may seem like that would only happen in your most horrific nightmares, it actually did happen to Alysson, a defender for Brazilian second-division side Bahia, following a 1-1 draw with Vila Nova on Tuesday night.

The police dog was on a leash at the time, but, according to the AP, the officer holding it got a little too close to the player and the dog went after him. Luckily, Alysson wasn't hurt and only got part of his shorts and shirt shredded by the animal's teeth.

Once he freed himself from the powerful jaw of his attacker, Alysson promptly complained to the press about what just happened. When asked for comment, the dog said, "If he would like to file a grievance, I will eat him."

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Dirty Tackle

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