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A few weeks ago, we had Edmar's backheel off a corner kick in the Europa League that was quite nice. Though it's often hard to compare beautiful goals, I think this one tops it pretty easily.

In the 92nd minute of a 0-0 match between Glentoran and Portadown in Northern Ireland's IFA Premiership, Glentoran's Matty Burrows pulled off this backheel from some distance (for a backheel). The ball floated over the goalkeeper's outstretched hand and landed safely in the net, giving Glentoran -- the club that once turned away a local boy named George Best because he was "too small and too light" -- a 1-0 win.

[Video: Goalkeeper's celebration turns embarrassing]

Goal of the season so far? As the video's YouTube description says, "Eat your heart out Messi & Co."

Video via @MirkoBolesan

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