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When a manager comes into an underachieving club in the middle of a season and immediately starts winning, his golden touch develops a limitless reach and his new, ever-loving fans gratefully gobble up all he graces with his sweet caress.

Case in point: Roberto Mancini's insanely popular generic neck-warmer.

Yes, the new Manchester City gaffer has started off hot, turning Mark Hughes' endless draws into wins and getting the absolute best out of Carlos Tevez and he's done so wearing that same white and powder blue scarf along the way. 

What began a complimentary gift to season ticket holders, the 1950's-style scarf was produced in limited supply, which quickly disappeared once Man City fans realized their team can actually win games and/or how terribly cold their necks were. But, the scarf is now, finally, on general sale. Says David Heed, Senior Buyer for Man City (yes, they apparently have one of those):

“Following the phenomenal response from fans, we have worked around the clock to get the scarves produced as fast as possible in order to meet the current demand.  We are delighted to now be able to offer all our fans a piece of Manchester City’s proud history.”

Might I remind you that this is a scarf -- a long piece of cloth with no identifying marks -- these people, who work for a football club, are working around the clock for. A scarf.  Which is now available for pre-order in the MCFC shop for £8.

Photo: AP

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Dirty Tackle

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