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We covered this back before the move to Yahoo!, but its' definitely worth a fresh look. [Vice]

Man City punish Man United fans for persistent standing by withholding tickets for derby. [Guardian

Holograms beamed to 400 pitches around the world? World Cup in Japan sounds awesome. [The Offside]

Ronaldinho has a new trick. [Pies]

Time Magazine's 10 questions for Thierry Henry. [Original Winger]

Five reasons why Liverpool have a bright future. [Caught Offside]

David Villa is very much against shirt stains. [Kickette]

Sepp Blatter is disturbingly powerful. [Unprofessional Foul]

Why do we root for underdogs? [Run of Play]

"My favourite footballer...Paul Gascoigne." [The Equaliser]

League One's golden generation misses its chance to impress the nation. [The Gaffer]

FIFA 11 gets too realistic. [Studs Up]

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