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It's the start of Real Madrid's first preseason under European football's King Midas, Jose "Shut Up Your Face" Mourinho, and things are already changing. To help facilitate the "us against the world" mentality and bond he instills in his teams, Jose has ordered some changes to Real's training complex. Like eight sofa beds for nap time, and reduced fan access.

From the Independent:

The new coach, a man with a reputation for making an impact, and no reputation whatsoever for letting his players have an easy ride, has already passed like a whirlwind through the corridors of their Valdebebas complex. Areas previously put in place to allow fans to meet their heroes and ask for autographs have been closed off – no longer will the Galacticos be reveling in their fame on the company buck. And sleeping quarters have been installed at the training ground – no more popping home for a siesta between morning and afternoon sessions. Mourinho's message is clear: there is work to be done.

So, new team nap areas and less space for ego pumping from fawning fans. Players will also eat both breakfast and lunch together. Mourinho is making Real his, one sofa bed at a time, whether club president Florentino Perez likes it or not.

Though Mourinho's defensive, hunkered-down ways may directly conflict with absolutely everything that Real Madrid is about, I'm sure they'll like the silverware he will inevitably bring. Until they part company right after the cabinet is reloaded and get right back to the flash. 

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Dirty Tackle

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