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Jose Mourinho responded to Pepe's soft red card in the 61st minute of Real Madrid and Barcelona's Champions League semifinal first leg tie by winking at the officials and sarcastically applauding the decision. Which got him sent off, as well. So, having made his point then and there, he of course left it at that and congratulated Barcelona after then went on to win 2-0 thanks to the man advantage and Lionel Messi's brilliance. Except, he didn't.

Once UEFA's momentary ban on both teams talking to the press after match was lifted, Jose had a teeny tiny verbal meltdown filled with sweeping accusations and doomsday rhetoric. From Soccernet:

"The return game is mission impossible,'' he told the press after the game. ''Barcelona has qualified for the final. Sometimes I feel disgusted about this football world of ours. Yes, we have already been knocked out.

''We had the intention to keep the game at 0-0, then bring on a striker, then a third phase with a No. 10 behind three forwards. But the ref didnt allow it.''

Jose then switched the focus to the conspiracy theories that have surrounded Barcelona's success in the Champions League in recent years. Didier Drogba's ears surely perked up as he invoked the Tom Henning Ovrebo controversy of their Champions League semifinal against Chelsea in 2009.

''I would be ashamed if I was Barca how they won Champions League in 2009,'' he said. ''It was the scandal of Stamford Bridge. This is the scandal of the Bernabeu.

"I don't know if it's because of Villar, the UNICEF publicity or what, but I don't understand why this keeps happening. No one has any chance against Barca. Where does all this power come from? To win like this is very nasty.

"What did I say to the referee? Nothing, I just laughed. If I say what I feel now, my career ends. I just wonder why."

When Mourinho says that "no one has any chance against Barca," he seems to be forgetting his own Champions League success against them with Inter last season. Even though he did acknowledge at another point in his press conference that "Last year to get to the final with Inter was a miracle." Then again, it's hard to keep track of things like that when you're in the midst of a blind rage.

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Dirty Tackle

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