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Stjarnan, the Icelandic club that spends entirely too much time concocting goal celebrations, has taken a turn for the weird with their latest effort. They've gone from the human fish to the human bicycle to the rowboat and now: the human toilet. You kind of have to question guys who eagerly chose to serve as the pretend toilet and seat in this little scenario, but I must say that going with the old fashioned flush cord was a nice touch.

Still, as Stjarnan dive deeper into the excrement-laced reaches of their imaginations for even more new goal celebrations, you have to think this will end with someone getting arrested for public indecency.

Oh, and as for the actual result of the match, Stjarnan lost 3-2 at home to Fram. They are now seventh in the league. Apparently scatalogically themed goal celebrations aren't granted bonus points. 

Video: Globo

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Dirty Tackle

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