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During a pitch side report before Sunday's Bundesliga match between Mainz and Stuttgart, Jessica Kastrop of Sky Sports took a blast to the back of the head from considerable distance while she interviews Stuttgart director Fredi Bobic. Thankfully she was OK and even found the humor in the incident (once the throbbing subsided). Then again, it's hard not to find humor in Bobic's startled "Oh dear!" flinch. 

So who delivered that skull-seeking missile? Kastrop revealed his identity to Bild:

"The offender was [Stuttgart defender] Khalid Boulahrouz. But he came running to me directly and apologized. And of course I would never impute his intention..."

Well, intentional or not, it was still quite the shot. Like a horror movie, you can see the danger coming for miles, but there's nothing you can do to warn the eventual victim. But as Bild notes, Kastrop will be safely back in the studio this weekend, where any and all Khalid Boulahrouz long-range bombs will have a harder time finding the back of her head. She still might want to wear a helmet just in case, though.  

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Dirty Tackle

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