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Though Manchester United were unable to score their usual baker's dozen of goals and only came away with a 1-1 draw in their Champions League group stage opener against Benfica, second-choice goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard proved to be a stand-out performer.

After the match, reporter Kelly Cates -- who happens to be the daughter of Liverpool manager and Fergie's sworn frienemy Kenny Dalglish -- asked him if Lindegaard's fine play would cause him to rethink starting the rested David De Gea against Chelsea this weekend. And that's all it took to agitate Sir Alex.

From the Manchester Evening News:

Asked whether Lindegaard had given him a selection dilemma in choosing between he and De Gea in goal against Chelsea this weekend, Ferguson said: "No, not at all. David De Gea will play on Sunday. That was the understanding we had before the game, and it doesn't change.

"I don't know why you ask these questions, you're just looking for stupid little things. Anyway...it proves we have two terrific goalkeepers."

It was a perfectly reasonable question to ask and one many viewers were probably wondering themselves. Cates rebutted Ferguson's "stupid little things" comment by stating that she meant it as a "compliment to Lindegaard and the performance he put in." But, Ferguson has a long history of resenting reporters -- whether they're the offspring of his rivals or not -- for doing their job properly, so this is pretty much status quo here.

Meanwhile, if your Anders Lindegaard you're probably a little upset that playing well in your Champions League debut isn't giving your boss a selection delemma. Even though Ferguson has admitted that De Gea has made unexpected mistakes early on.

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