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Almost 4,000 Everton fans so far have joined a Facebook group aimed at keeping Landon Donovan at Everton beyond the end of his loan deal next month. The overwhelming success Landy has found in his short time with the club has not only tuned around Everton's season, but proven that he can compete at the highest level.

When asked about the Facebook group, Donovan told EvertonTV:

"I was not aware of that...it's pretty funny. Since the day I got here, the fans have been fantastic.

"I was really overwhelmed by how many people were aware that I was coming and knew who I was and said 'welcome to Everton'. That's been the same with the team, the manager's been great - everybody's been fantastic.[...]

"I would definitely imagine that I will be back here at some point in my life. I think it's been an incredible experience and away from football, the people have been extremely nice. That being said, I do miss LA, I miss my team-mates there, I miss the sunshine. That'd be nice to get back there too.''

How can you miss sunshine when you have the vibrant, planet-sized afro of Marouane Fellaini in the dressing room?

Despite the fans wishes, it sounds like Everton manager David Moyes won't be trying to push for him to stay, though.

"I think Landon would like to stay but at the moment it probably looks as if not. I wouldn't want to have any disrespect to his club or the contract he has over there.''

And if Moyes sticks to that statement, then it will mark the first time a football manager has ever proclaimed respect for another club's contract with a player and meant it. 

Source: Soccernet

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