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Oh, Twitter. Always luring people into 140 characters of public shame and making Ashton Kutcher think he's more important than he actually is. What good are you?

If you ask West Ham defender Danny Gabbidon, I'm sure his answer to that question would be "non-good" because he recently had a falling out with Twitter and because, like many of us, his grammar isn't so great.

You see, after West Ham's 3-1 loss to Bolton on Tuesday, Gabbidon took to Twitter to share a post-match apology with his 2,049 followers, which read:

Sorry you had to witness that last night West Ham fans need to start showing the dedication that you have & things might start to improve!x

Now, because he failed to include one measly little comma after the word "fans," what was intended to be a nice apology to supporters for the drop zone dwelling club not sharing their dedication, read more like a condemnation of West Ham fans and their horrible lack of commitment. 

The response was apparently swift and negative, as his very next tweet was an apology for the mistake in his apology:

Wow! i have caused a stir today havent i? My punctuation is awful please put a comma after fans and you will see the true message sorry x

That, however, must not have been enough to quell the follower uprising, since his latest and final message to his angry group of hashtaggers was:

Im done with tweeting its more trouble than its worth!

Good job, Twitter. You and your brain vomit sharing program have gone and scared away nice Danny Gabbidon. Meanwhile, Pete Wentz and Bob Saget are on your "Suggested Users" list. Really, Twitter? Really?

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Dirty Tackle

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