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A lot of people in Peru were violently angry at referees last weekend. First we see a referee who decides to give a goal kick after two players enter the box before a penalty kick. This prompted players and fans to go after the ref while the few riot cops who were there seemed either outmatched or just not all that interested in keeping order.

Later in the clip, things really get nuts when Atletico Grau fans riot after falling behind 1-0 to visiting Sporting Pizarro. The refs run for their lives as people swarm around them and the riot cops do a decidedly crappy job of shielding them from the pain. If it wasn't real, it would almost be funny. The police think they're getting the job done by shielding the front of the ref while a stream of people kick and punch the official from behind, undeterred.

So, if anyone asks you if you'd like to ref the next round of the Copa Peru, you may want to politely decline the offer. And run. 

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Dirty Tackle

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