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As the match officials made their way back to the dressing room after the full time whistle blew on Dynamo Kiev's 1-1 Europa League quarterfinal first leg draw against Braga on Thursday, one disgruntled Dynamo fan decided to take his frustrations out on a linesman's backside.

Keep your eye on the last official in the row and you'll see a sneaky little guy in a cap rush up behind him and kick him in the rear before disappearing. The official turned around to see what it was, but the little guy was gone.

Who knows exactly why he felt this was necessary, but earlier in the match, Andriy Shevchenko was sent off just 16 minutes after entering the match at halftime for taking a shot on goal well after he had been flagged for being offside, his second booking. So maybe it was that. Or maybe the official cut the little guy off in traffic earlier that day.

Video via 101gg

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Dirty Tackle

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