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When people get desperate, they tend to do weird things. This is one of those weird things. Down 1-0 to Ecuador in the 76th minute of a match to decide fourth place in the Campeonato Sudamericano and the final South American qualifier for the U-20 World Cup, Chile's Bryan Carrasco decided that a drastic measure -- like using an opponent's hand to hit himself -- was necessary to get a free kick for his team. So, that's what he did.   

At regular speed it looks like a standard case of Ecuador's Edson Montano reaching back and hitting Carrasco as he tries to get position on a defender. But as the replays slow down, it looks more and more like Carrasco grabs Montano's wrist and slaps himself in the face with his opponent's hand. The match commentators couldn't hold back the shock and laughter as they realized the despicable yet goofy-looking lengths to which Carrasco sunk.

But while the commentators busted a gut, the referee was tricked by what A Football Report is calling "masochistic cheating," and awarded Chile a free kick, though he didn't book Montano (thankfully).

In the end, Carrasco's twisted comedic effort didn't matter as Ecuador won 1-0 to take their spot in the U-20 World Cup. Hopefully the notoriety Carrasco gets from this will prevent others from trying similar tactics. Still, it's hard to say which is worse -- this or diving. 

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Dirty Tackle

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