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Things are getting quite testy between the England team and the rabid media that have been following its every move in South Africa. The English players and their manager, who have experienced quite a bit of media attention over the past year from the John Terry and Ashley Cole fidelity soap operas, are getting a little fed up with the people shoving the gigantic cameras in their faces. 

Fabio Capello stormed a group of photographers he suspected to be taking pictures of his players in the training room, giving them the full litany of authentic Italian facial expressions and exaggerated hand gestures to complement what was probably a low-key verbal tirade by Don Fabio standards.

Hello there my good friends, may I please help you with your cameras?

What are your favorite hobbies? I like shooting rifles at camera people!

See video of Capello's confrontation here

The England squad tried to get away from the press and do some good ol' team bonding by going on a safari, but was predictably ambushed along the trip by, you guessed it, more press.

Here, Joe Cole makes a funny about the press that he's actually more serious about than most of the people in the room may realize:

It's all funny until crazy Joe unleashes his pet lion Mufasa on you. 

Photos: Getty, AP

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Dirty Tackle

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