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Pixieish pop sensation Justin Bieber is on tour in Spain and during a stop in Madrid, he risked the wrath of the locals by wearing the kit of Real Madrid's fiercest and most hated rivals, FC Barcelona, during a kickabout on the outskirts of the city. (For those of you that are just here for the Bieber, that's kind of like wearing a Selena Gomez shirt to a Belieber convention or a Red Sox jersey while playing baseball in New York City. But worse.)

Perhaps as a reward for endangering his bodyguards with his choice in apparel, Barca invited him to their training session on Thursday as he made his latest tour stop. After the session, Bieber put on the club's away teal and played a little game with the likes of Thiago, Bojan and Andreu Fontas. As Barcelona's official website reports, Bieber showed "surprisingly decent skills with his left foot." So, in the wake of Chad Ochocinco's attempt to play footy, an MLS trial probably isn't far off for him.

With Gerard Pique dating Shakira and now Bieber declaring that he's a fan of the club, Barcelona's stranglehold on pop music is growing stronger. It's probably just a matter of time before Lady Gaga is named the club's honorary president.

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Dirty Tackle

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