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The video above is already spreading like something involving Justin Bieber and is being described as the greatest goal celebration ever. In it, Icelandic club Stjarnan wins in extra time off a penalty kick from Halldor Orri Bjornsson, giving the team reason to unleash a performance that involves Halldor fishing for his human fish teammate Johann Laxdal ("lax" means salmon in Icelandic). Once "caught," the players lift up Laxdal for a fake picture and thus complete a perfectly executed and delightfully intricate goal celebration that probably took more than a little preparation.

While this is their best, it's not the only display of well-arranged goal celebrating from the Stjarnan boys. The same YouTube user who uploaded this clip on Monday also posted a few more of the same team.

Here's Bjornsson again with a teammate-punching-then-shooting celebration that's a little less original but still well choreographed. After watching these two clips you might now be wondering how much time this team spends training and how much time they spend plotting celebrations.

After showing off a bit of skill and taking advantage of questionably poor defending, the players this time partner up and launch into a ballroom dancing celebration that seems to come off less than perfectly. Despite his eagerness, No. 4 can't find a dance partner and that probably led to a healthy cry in the shower after the match.

And finally, this one never really comes together. Are they a marching band? A robot parade? No one seems sure. Clearly they spent far too much time actually working on football skills and not enough time planning their celebrations that week. 

Since all these videos appeared the same day, have spread across the Internet so quickly, and almost seem a little too fantastic, there's always the chance that these are virals for some awful product, as the guys at Unprofessional Foul suspect. Stjarnan is a real team, however, and these all seem to be real players, so who knows. Maybe these guys all just missed their calling as choreographers for Paula Abdul. 

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Dirty Tackle

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