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I don't know why footballers are having such a hard time handling their trophies all of the sudden, but less than a month after Sergio Ramos dropped Real Madrid's Copa del Rey under a bus, it's happened again. This time, it was even a goalkeeper who dropped it -- Ajax's Maarten Stekelenburg was sitting atop the bus with a teammate and the Dutch Eredivisie shield as the club paraded through the streets of Amsterdam when it was knocked out of their hands by overhead power lines and fell off the back of the bus.

It rolled into the following bus and, luckily, instead of getting crushed like the Copa del Rey, it bounced off and rolled to the side of the road, where a fan grabbed it and ran after the bus it came from, triumphantly holding the silverware over his head.

Here are a couple of great pictures of the drop...

The good news? At least the Eredivisie shield was already relatively flat. But it might be time to start velcroing these trophies to players' hands before they are allowed to hold them on top of a bus.

Photos: @marsilv1

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Dirty Tackle

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