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We hired the guy with the green hair to be in charge of quality control. 

With the Champions League final this weekend and the start of the World Cup just a few tense weeks away, everyone is doing things bigger and better in the name of these events. Or at least trying to. And we here at Dirty Tackle are no different. So starting this weekend, we will be blowing your mind clean out of your head with the super fantastic team of writers we've assembled to help us cover everything.

You may have noticed Carter's return to the fold in the last couple weeks, but here's who else will be joining us:

Ryan Bailey — Former editor of TheSpoiler.co.uk. Ryan is already in Madrid for the Champions League final and should have some fun stuff for us from there.

Daryl Grove — Co-editor at TheOffside.com and WorldCupBlog.org.  

Brian Phillips — The genius behind RunofPlay.com

Richard Whittall — Our resident Canadian, who brings the goods at AMoreSplendidLife.com and Canadian soccer history blog The Spirit of Forsyth.

So that's the team. We'll have some more contributions from a few others (including our friends Artur, The Berba and Landon) so it should be a good time. Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a bit of warning so when you see the new names you don't think someone broke in and took over like a squatting hobo. No no. Although, we may employ several hobos for liveblogging duties, but that hasn't been finalized just yet.   

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