Snow artist Simon Beck made Target Field look glorious

Snow artist Simon Beck created a masterpiece at snow-covered Target Field. (Twins)
Snow artist Simon Beck created a masterpiece at snow-covered Target Field. (Twins)

The eyes of the sports world will be on U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis this Sunday when the New England Patriots do battle against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. But let us not forget that just blocks away sits another gem of a sports stadium.

Target Field, the home of the Minnesota Twins, will see its business pick up again in a couple months when the hometown Twins kick off their 2018 season. In the meantime, it has been transformed into a winter wonderland thanks to the recent snowfall in the Twin Cities.

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Unlike U.S. Bank Stadium, which is the current home of the Minnesota Vikings, or the old Metrodome for that matter, which the Twins and Vikings once shared, Target Field has no roof to protect it from the elements. When it snows in Minnesota, Target Field is quickly covered with a white sheet.

Seeing baseball stadiums filled with snow is definitely a pretty cool visual. But our vision must pale in comparison to what snow artist Simon Beck envisions when he sees a massive stadium filled with snow. To him, it’s a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities, and we saw some of those possibilities on display at Target Field this week.

Using only his feet, Beck spent 11 hours creating a gigantic snowflake that covered the entire width and length of the field. The finished product was flawless and absolutely glorious.

Snow art has become the 59-year-old Beck’s passion. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, he’s completed 270 snow art pieces around the world, many of which have been documented in his book “Snow Art.” This was his first ever at a sports stadium, but it probably won’t be his last. His hope is to complete 1,000 pieces by age 80.

The Tribune story has more on Beck’s past projects and what drives him to continue with his unique artwork. It’s a short but fascinating story that reminds us that there’s beauty in everything. Sometimes it just takes some time and effort to find it.

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