Snoop Dogg sounds off on Mike Tomlin’s outdated Steelers offense on Rich Eisen Show

Mike Tomlin’s Pittsburgh Steelers are often (fairly) criticized for being stuck in the dark ages offensively.

Count Snoop Dogg among them and blames his staff selection history for the Steelers not being competitive enough to make postseason runs.

“Our organization ain’t like others. We don’t do all that flip-flopping, and we’ve had terrible seasons up under Chuck Noll and up under Bill Cowher,” Snoop Dogg said on the Jan. 18 episode of The Rich Eisen Show. “This man has not had one terrible season, and it’s just a matter of the staff. If you ask me, it’s not him, it’s the staff.”

Eisen reminded Snoop that Tomlin is the one who puts his staff in place.

The hip-hop artist responded by proposing allowing general manager Omar Khan to step in to help select assistant coaches.

“So maybe it should be a general manager or somebody that steps in and does some assisting and say, well, we’re going to pick the D coordinator and the O coordinator, and you oversee it all, coach, because we ain’t been to the thing in a long time.”

“We just keep sliding in or backing in, and it’s cool, but I want it all. We used to win around here, so I feel like it should be some sort of adjustment with the staff. The teams that are winning, it’s the staff that picks the right players and then coaches the best players, and then puts them in the best positions to win.”

For Snoop, a Steelers fan for over four decades, it all goes back to the outdated offense.

“The style of offense, like our offense has to be 2025 not 1984. We got to move it around and get it doing what it’s supposed to do. Defense, I’m not unhappy with at all. I love the way our defense fly around, but as far as like a offense… look I think it could be a lot better when you think about the Bills, the Chiefs, the Ravens, Lions. Just the way they moving Amon-Ra St. Brown around. Use your players and move them around. We got too many good players not to move them around.”

Heading into his 18th season, it will be a pivotal one for Tomlin. All eyes are on him to hire young, quality coordinators who can help bring the Steelers into the 21st century. Better late than never.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire