Snoop Dogg is starting a new boxing league called The Fight Club

After a successful appearance as a boxing announcer during the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. fight Saturday, Snoop Dogg is dipping his feet even further into the sport. Snoop Dogg is partnering with Triller to start a new boxing league called The Fight Club, according to TMZ.

Technically, The Fight Club has already started. Triller co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh told Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole the Tyson-Jones fight was actually the first event by The Fight Club.

Kavanaugh also hinted that The Fight Club is closing in on at least one huge fight featuring some big names, according to TMZ.

"I can tell you that the main fight — I can't say it yet — but it’s gonna be something that everybody wants to see. If you thought [Tyson vs. Jones Jr.] is big, I think that this would be even larger from a worldwide-appetite perspective and something that people want to see."

Snoop Dogg will serve as the host and commentator for those events. The Fight Club expects to hold between five and eight events per year, according to Sportsnet. Those events will be similar to the Tyson-Jones one, which featured both fights and musical performances. Jake Paul and Nate Robinson served as the co-main event Saturday.

Snoop Dogg received rave reviews as a boxing commentator

While some viewers weren’t pleased with the Paul-Robinson fight, many agreed Snoop Dogg was the best part of the bout.

At one point during the Tyson-Jones fight, Snoop Dogg described it as “two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue.”

Even ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith had praise for Snoop Dogg.

That’s some high praise from the most prolific smack talker around. If Smith’s got nothing bad to say, Snoop Dogg will be just fine.

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