Snap Count Takeaways: Major notes from Oregon’s usage report in Vrbo Fiesta Bowl

The final game of the year has come and gone for the Oregon Ducks, and it gives us one last opportunity to use a tool that offers great value if you care to learn more about the team that you follow.

The usage report. There are arguably two games every year where the snap counts and usage report give a great bit of insight into the team — the first game and the last game. While the first game of the year provides the first really great look at a depth chart, the last game of the year often portends to what is to come down the road, with a lot of young players on the roster getting a chance to step into big spots due to transfers and opt-outs from older players.

For the Ducks, the Fiesta Bowl performance against the Liberty Flames didn’t provide as much of that as we might have initially anticipated, but it did offer a look at how some young players might step into key roles going forward.

Later this week, we will be going through a usage report for the entire season, but for now, let’s take a look at the single game snap counts one last time for the 2023 season:

Total Snaps — 61-70



  • None

Total Snaps — 51-60



  • None

Total Snaps — 41-50



  • S Tysheem Johnson (48)

  • CB Nikko Reed (48)

  • CB Dontae Manning (48)

  • S Evan Williams (48)

  • LB Jeffrey Bassa (45)

  • S Steve Stephens IV (45)

Total Snaps — 31-40


  • TE Case Kelly (33)


  • None

Total Snaps — 21-30



Total Snaps — 11-20



  • EDGE Emar’rion Winston (20)

  • DL Keyon Ware-Hudson (19)

  • DL Casey Rogers (18)

  • EDGE Blake Purchase (11)

  • LB Devon Jackson (11)

Total Snaps — 0-10


  • LT George Silva (9)

  • RG Kawika Rogers (9)

  • C Charlie Pickard (9)

  • RG Nishad Strother (9)

  • RG Junior Angilau (9)

  • WR Darrian Anderson (5)

  • LT Faaope Laloulu (5)

  • LG Dave Iuli (4)

  • RB Brison Cobbins (2)

  • RB Kilohana Haasenritter (2)


  • DL A’Mauri Washington (10)

  • EDGE Jordan Burch (10)

  • EDGE Ashton Porter (4)

  • CB Rodrick Pleasant (4)

  • S Tyler Turner (4)

  • S Cole Martin (4)

  • CB Khamari Terrell (4)

  • LB Bryce Boettcher (4)

  • DL Ben Roberts (3)

  • S Zach Grisham (3)

  • EDGE Jaeden Moore (1)

Takeaways: A Lack of Young Guys

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We came into this game thinking that it would be a great opportunity for young players on the roster to step up and show what they would be capable of in the future. That didn’t quite happen as expected.

I tabbed guys like Cole Martin, Rodrick Pleasant, Austin Novosad, Kyler Kasper, and Khamari Terrell as potential breakout players. The four defensive guys mentioned played just 4 snaps apiece, while the two offensive guys saw 13 and 11 snaps, respectively.

I don’t know the exact reasoning for why we didn’t see a ton of young guys in the second half of a game that was out of hand, but ultimately it doesn’t matter a ton. The future is bright in Eugene, and we didn’t need to see a handful of drives in the second half of a bowl game in order to determine that.

Takeaways: Nikko and Dontae

Craig Strobeck-USA TODAY Sports

Without Khyree Jackson and Jahlil Florence playing in this game, I again thought that we might see some of the younger players on the roster step up, like Rodrick Pleasant. However, it was clear that Nikko Reed and Dontae Manning were the guys, as they played a majority of snaps at the position. What that means for 204 is unknown, but it is a sign that the coaching staff at least trusts them.

Takeaway: Jurrion and Kyler

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Going along with the theme of young guys who I expected to get some playing time, both Kyler Kasper and Jurrion Dickey were a pair of receivers who I expected to see a good amount of time on Monday. I didn’t foresee Dickey getting twice the snaps that Kasper got.

Dickey had one catch for 7 yards, while Kasper had one catch for -4 yards on the day, so neither really got the breakout opportunity that they were hoping for. It was an interesting disparity in snaps going into the offseason, though.

Takeaway: Austin Novosad

Continuing the theme, I thought that we would see more than 13 total snaps for QB Austin Novosad, but Bo Nix stayed in the game longer than I expected and didn’t come out until midway through the fourth quarter.

Novosad finished the day completing 5-for-7 passes for 38 yards in his time on the field. We will see what this offseason has in store for him, with both Dillon Gabriel and Dante Manning coming to Eugene via the transfer portal.

Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire