Smith has a message for Georgia fans

Jake Reuse and Anthony Dasher, Staff
GA Varsity


PORTLAND, Oregon – In this social media conscious society, when Georgia commitment Nolan Smith made a tweak to the bio of his Twitter feed, Bulldog fans were quick to take notice.

A member of Georgia’s 2019 class, Smith had tongues wagging when he took out the part about Georgia before putting it back shortly thereafter.

But Sunday, Smith made it clear where he loyalties still lie.

“Go Dawgs,” Smith told reporters, when asked if he had a message for the Georgia Nation.

But being that he’s only going to be a junior this fall, you can bet that other schools won’t be giving up on the young defensive end anytime soon.

That includes the two programs who can lay claim to the last two national championships – Alabama and Clemson.

Smith expects both will continue to come hard, and while both programs obviously have their selling points, other than the trophies, Georgia has everything the Crimson Tide and Tigers have to offer.

So, being that they’re all equal …

“It gets down to the coaching and how I feel about the coaches, and really the defensive coordinator and my position coach,” Smith said. “They decide when to put me in, when not to put me in while the defensive coordinator decides what plays to call, what plays not to call. That’s a humongous thing.”

Smith didn’t deny he’d keep an open mind with two years to go in his high school career.

When asked what the Bulldogs had to do to hang on to his commitment, Smith didn’t shy away with his response.

“We’ve got to get some wins,” he said. “We’ve got to be able to compete and show everybody that we’re more than a recruiting and a hype squad. We go into every year and we’ve got the best squad, this and that, and looking really promising then we get to the season and go something like 7-5. Hopefully, that comes to a stop this season and the next season.”

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