Smash Mouth (yes, the band) has insane idea for 49ers offense

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Some people saw Jimmy Garoppolo restructuring his deal to be the 49ers’ backup quarterback as a potential disaster. Smash Mouth, the band that gave us such classics as 1997’s ‘Walkin’ on the Sun’ and 1999’s ‘All Star,’ saw it as an opportunity to roll out the most chaotic offense of all-time.

In a response to Ian Rapoport’s tweet that said the 49ers and Garoppolo were finalizing a deal, whoever runs the Smash Mouth Twitter account pulled out the flamethrower and unloaded an absolute scorcher of a take.

Jimmy as the starter? No. Jimmy as a reliever after an injury to Trey Lance? Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full. Smash Mouth instead offered a two-QB offense with … Deebo Samuel also playing quarterback??

Move over, Taysom Hill! It’s Q-back time!

Not going to lie — “49ers2.0” sounds insane. In this scenario Garoppolo would wind up out in a route along with Lance while Samuel had an option to either run it or chuck it to presumably Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle or … one of the quarterbacks?

The saying goes, ‘if you have two quarterbacks, you have none.’ Smash Mouth, a band that hails from San Jose and who’s Twitter account frequently tweets about Bay Area Sports, decided to go literal with that.

This is a truly wild idea. The ideal season for 49ers involves Lance thriving with Garoppolo hanging out on the bench like every other backup QB. That’s the team’s goal, and it might even be Garoppolo’s goal as he looks to recoup any value he lost while playing through injury in the 49ers’ 2021 playoff run.

As for Smash Mouth’s idea? I am not a believer.


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