Smash 4 breaks registration records at CEO and Evo 2016

Michael Martin
Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Nintendo)
Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Nintendo)

More players are signing up to compete in Smash 4 at CEO and Evo this year than ever before.

Earlier this week, Evo tweeted that Smash 4 will be the “biggest Smash tournament ever.”

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Evo does not disclose registration numbers before registration closes, but we can deduce that the Smash 4 number has exceeded the 1,926 entrants in 2015.

Smash 4 is looking to be big at CEO in late June as well. CEO organizers have been releasing registration numbers and according to last count, Smash 4 is at 712 registrants, up from 512 the previous year, and nearly 100 more than Street Fighter V.

“Breaking records for CEO 2016 and Evo 2016 is a wonderful step forward for the Smash 4 community,” Panda Global’s Smash 4 manager and tournament organizer Bassem “Bear” Dahdouh told Yahoo Esports. “Smash 4 doesn’t have the same amount of invitationals and isn’t included in events such as DreamHack, SXSW, or special invitationals like Beyond the Summit.”

According to Bear, nine out of the top 10 Smash 4 players in the world, as ranked by Panda Global, have registered for CEO 2016.

Smash 4 and Street Fighter V have seen exponential growth this year. Bear confirmed CEO’s Smash 4 numbers make it the sixth highest for a Smash 4 tournament ever, behind Evo 2016 and 2015, GENESIS 3, Apex 2015, and Super Smash Con 2015.

Back in April, Evo revealed Street Fighter V blew away the previous registration record for a mainline Street Fighter at Evo, eclipsing 4,000 entrants at the time.

CEO takes place in Orlando from June 24-26, while Evo takes place in Las Vegas from July 15-17. Registration deadlines for CEO and Evo are June 12 and 30, respectively, so we expect their already impressive numbers to keep growing,

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