Sleepover at Jerry's house? Cowboys owner hosts Mike McCarthy before hiring him

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The big NFL news Monday morning was the Dallas Cowboys hiring Mike McCarthy to be their next head coach. But it’s what happened Saturday night that apparently sealed the deal.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reportedly ripped a page out of the Jim Harbaugh recruiting playbook by hosting McCarthy at his estate Saturday night.

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Hey, whatever works, right?

Schefter’s tweet gives us a strange sense of entrapment, but we’re pretty sure the whole thing was on the level. But we really do want to know what all went on there.

Tents in the backyard?

Pillow fights?!

Did they make friendship bracelets at night ... followed by pancakes in the morning?

Whatever Jones’ chef prepared likely was delectable. Whatever drinks were served likely would make most of us blue with envy.

Once you go to Jerry Jones' house, you don't get out. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Once you go to Jerry Jones' house, you don't get out. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Did they watch the Tennessee Titans beat the New England Patriots, like most of football-watching America? If so, you can imagine Jones marveling at Derrick Henry’s exploits and doubling down on his Ezekiel Elliott contract and McCarthy mumbling something about the run game being his lifeblood, et cetera, et cetera ...

Did they eat BBQ and watch highlights of McCarthy’s Green Bay Packers teams beating the Jason Garrett-led Cowboys the past decade? After all, McCarthy went 5-1 head-to-head against Garrett’s Cowboys — including 2-0 in the playoffs — and he won his only Super Bowl in Jones’ stadium. Hard to imagine McCarthy didn’t slip mention of that in between courses.

The other angle of this story begs: Who else does Jones ensnare with sleepovers? If you’re interviewing for a relatively prominent Cowboys job and Jones doesn’t ask you over, does that mean you’re out? Or just not as important as you thought?

Perhaps the news conference to introduce McCarthy will provide the answers we need. Because, really, who would be shocked if there were not a slew of queries — perhaps even oral histories — on what went down on Jones’ compound that fateful night.

Of course, what happens at Jerry’s house — just like on his decked-out Cowboys bus — probably stays at Jerry’s house.

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