Slant Seven Pack: Thoughts and quotes after Ohio loss

Jon Kirby, Publisher- Football Editor
Jayhawk Slant

The Jayhawks fell to 1-2 after losing 42-30 on the road at Ohio. Here are is the Slant Seven Pack with quick thoughts and quotes following the game and what Beaty had to say after the loss.

Jayhawks fail to get off to a fast start 

One thing the Jayhawks couldn’t do was fall behind early. They were in their first road game and needed a fast start or at least stay with the Bobcats early on.

But that chance quickly evaporated. The Jayhawks first three possessions ended with no points and Ohio answered a field goal and two touchdowns. In a hurry the Jayhawks were looking like last year’s game against Ohio.

“We started slow and that was something that we had as a goal not to do,” Beaty said. “We wanted to start fast particularly on the road. We wound up getting ourselves into a hole but we wound up fighting our way into getting back into the game.”


Big changes evident with offensive line

The right side of the offensive line has had their struggles. From the second quarter on it looked like the Jayahwks have made the decision to shake things up. Nebraska transfer Zach Hannon played much of the last three quarters at right tackle. There was also a change a left guard where Andru Tovi, who joined the team in the summer, got the start.

“Tovi is a guy that has been standing out to us for a while,” Beaty said. “Jayson (Rhodes) wasn’t unavailable but he wasn’t fully healthy. It was good to see Tovi step in there. I haven’t watched the tape but I didn’t see him giving up a lot.”

Antione Frazier got the start at right tackle but soon gave way to Hannon.

“I think he helped us a bunch because of his experience,” Beaty said. “He kept himself out of trouble a couple times and I thought that was good being able to get some balance there. “

Bender was under pressure often

Peyton Bender was sacked five times and hurried several others. Ohio was using blitzes to pressure to get to Bender. There were times he couldn’t find receivers with the pocket collapsing. In fall camp offensive coordinator Doug Meacham said one of the things they have to do is learn to throw the ball away.

“We held the ball way too long,” Beaty said. “Peyton has to be better at that. He did some really nice things today but he took some sacks in situations where there was a zero blitz and we knew we only had a couple of different things that we could do. When you hold it you are going to get sacked.”

Biggest turning point in the game

One of the best chances the Jayhawks had to get back in the game came on the first drive in the second half. Mike Lee picked off a pass taking it away from a wide receiver which set the Jayhawks up first and 10 only trailing 25-14.

On the first play from scrimmage Bender threw a pass that bounced off Steven Sims arm and right into the arms of an Ohio defensive back. Four plays later Ohio punched the ball in the end zone and the lead grew to 32-14 and Kansas never got back in the game.

“I’m disappointed,” Beaty said of that series. “You don’t want that to happen. But it happened and he put (threw) it behind him and Sims put his hand out and it fell right into the hands of the cornerback. He was in the right spot at the right time.”

Jayhawks tried onside kick to start second half

Beaty knew if the Jayhawks were going to come back in the second half they would have to get stops. The Jayhawks started off the second half with an onside kick and tried to catch Ohio by surprise. Kyle Mayberry recovered the kick but it came up to yards short.

“We had something planned all week and we saw some things on video,” Beaty said. “It played out just like we thought but we didn’t quite execute the kick well. We knew we would have to steal a possession in that second half because of the way our defensive series were going. We had given up two drives over 90 yards and we had to still possession somewhere to gain some momentum.”


Pass defense has rough outing for second straight week

The final statistics didn’t tell the whole story of the game showing Kansas actually out-gaining Ohio 451-450 yards. The Kansas defense gave up 4.7 yards per rush and 196 for the day. Beaty wasn’t as down about the rush defense as he was the way they played the pass.

“I think the thing that sticks out to me the most we have to do a better job of limiting big plays in the passing game,” he said. “That’s not something you’re going to be able to see if you look at the tape but we have some young safeties back there who are playing. They just have to grow up fast. We have to find some other guys who can help us back there and stabilize that.”

Herbert provided one of the few positive stories

If there was a bright spot, that goes to running back Khalil Herbert. He ran for 137 yards on 19 carries and two touchdowns. In the first couple weeks Herbert wasn’t used much in the running game.

“One of the big things we looked early was what Dom (Williams) was doing and we weren’t going to hesitate to go to Khalil,” Beaty said. “We challenged him this week and said we needed more out of him with Taylor Martin being out. He responded and that was good to see.”

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