Skull Session: East Coast swing

Marc Givler, Recruiting Analyst
Buckeye Grove

Marc Givler

After a five-day, five-game, six-school, four-state East Coast marathon this past week, there is plenty of information to bring back from the trip. The Buckeyes continue to be active in the state of New Jersey and we have the latest on a pair of top prospects in the 2019 class.

Everyone is waiting for the late Urban Meyer surprise. Could that come in the form of Rivals100 offensive tackle Rasheed Walker. We have the latest on Walker after watching him in action on Thursday night.

Two big five-star names in Ohio State recruiting, Emory Jones and Anthony Cook, made big visits elsewhere over the weekend. Is there reason for concern on those two prospects? We dive into both of those situations.

All of that, and more, in this afternoon's Skull Session.

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