How Skoronski fits into the Titans' offensive plan

Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed praise Peter Skoronski's versatility because he can play tackle but also has the potential to be one of the best guards in the NFL.

Video Transcript

AHMED FAREED: Titans on the clock. Their pick is in. Goodell is at the podium. We saw Mike Vrabel very happy.

CHRIS SIMMS: Really happy, like way happier than last year.

AHMED FAREED: No creaking of the neck.


AHMED FAREED: Peter Skoronski--

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AHMED FAREED: --tackle, Northwestern.

CHRIS SIMMS: --the Midwestern school. Yeah, I mean, I'm not shocked by that. I mean, there were so many people on the board that I felt like fit their mold. But Skoronski, again, a little bit-- the last few picks we've talked about, I think there's teams here where this is the mantra of who they are. They want to beat you up. They want to play smash-mouth football, run the ball, play-action pass with Ryan Tannehill.

Skoronski, too, is one of the safest bets in the draft. He can play tackle. But you know my thoughts. He could be, I think, one of the best guards in football. He can be an all-pro guard for a lot of years. That's where I think he's really [INAUDIBLE], and I think that's why Vrabel and them like him. He fits what they want to do as far as a culture team. And then Derrick Henry still is a really awesome running back, and that's what they're going to base their team around.


AHMED FAREED: Three offensive linemen in the first 11 picks. A little bit of a surprise.

CHRIS SIMMS: I'm a little surprised by that. I did not think it would be this early. I wouldn't. But we also talked about there's only a small number or a limited crop, I think, of elite offensive linemen. So I think the teams are valuing that and going, we're going to get our guys right now. Because as we always talk about, college football, there's just not enough out there to pick from, right? And these guys are ready to go and ready to play right now.

AHMED FAREED: I wouldn't be surprised if we see three, four--

CHRIS SIMMS: There might be two or three more. Maybe Cody Mark might come from [INAUDIBLE]



CHRIS SIMMS: Cody Mauch.


CHRIS SIMMS: You damn-- what? I don't know what the hell you said. You confused me. Exactly, Cody Mauch, right.

AHMED FAREED: Chris is still having nightmares in his sleep about that.

CHRIS SIMMS: I don't know who Cody Mark is.

AHMED FAREED: I missed a guy number one overall?

CHRIS SIMMS: Right. Skoronski, though, Titans football. That's why Vrabel's happy.

AHMED FAREED: Yeah, yeah.