Skateboarding makes its Olympic debut with painful groin shot

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The first skateboarding event in Olympic history saw a number of athletes getting some big air, and one reaching the lowest of lows.

Peruvian skateboarder Angelo Caro Narvaez entered the men's street competition as a potential contender. He opened his first run on the Tokyo street course with an attempt at a grind that went wrong, and then very wrong.

Here's what happened:

Understandably, Caro needed a moment to compose himself. Also understandably, the five judges gave him the very low score of 1.01 for the run, but that was not how his story ended.

Because the way skateboarding is scored at the Olympics, Caro had a second attempt at a run followed by a run of five individual tricks. While he received the worst score of the first runs, he made up for it with a 6.96 score in his second run, followed by a strong series of tricks to finish seventh in the heats, qualifying him for the finals.

Caro looked even better in the finals, briefly entering bronze medal position before finishing fifth with a score of 32.87. Japan's Yuto Horigome won the sports' first-ever Olympic gold with an incredible showing in the trick category, while Brazil's Kelvin Hoefler took silver and Team USA's Jagger Eaton took bronze.

Best of Tokyo Day 2 slideshow embed
Best of Tokyo Day 2 slideshow embed

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