Skateboarding fans spent part of Tuesday afternoon hunting for Tony Hawk in New York City

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It didn’t take long for a fan to spot Tony Hawk on his skateboard. (Getty Images)
It didn’t take long for a fan to spot Tony Hawk on his skateboard. (Getty Images)

Just a month from turning 50 years old, Tony Hawk has been living his life in relative anonymity. He seems to be having some fun with it.

Hawk issued a challenge to fans on Instagram to find him and take his skateboard, posting a video of himself skateboarding the streets of New York City on Tuesday afternoon with a caption.

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I’m currently skating the streets of NYC on my way to a meeting,” Hawk wrote. “First person to see me and ask for my skateboard can have it.” The chase was on.

It took all of 10 minutes for a fan to see the post then see Hawk. As seen on Hawk’s Instagram story, the fan managed to track down Hawk somewhere around the New York University area, judging from a banner in the background, and enthusiastically took his prize.

“Can I have your board? I just saw that, bro,” the fan said from across the street.

Such an experience might have been fun for Hawk, who has recently drawn laughs with tweets about people who don’t recognize him, despite some pretty obvious clues. Hawk tweeted Sunday about such an experience after flying into New York, when a woman on his flight was somewhat incredulous that he placed the skateboard in an overhead luggage bin.

Who knows, maybe Hawk is just really hard to recognize at airports.

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