Skagit Speedway Roundup: Starks pulls off the double with pair of sprint car main victories

For the second time in less than a calendar year, Trey Starks won two sprint car main events at Skagit Speedway on the same night. After taking 410 and 360 wins on Season Championship night in 2023, Starks won the 360 and Sportsman Sprint feature on Saturday night in brilliant fashion.

Willie Croft set out to the early lead in the 360 main event with Colton Heath and Trey Starks in hot pursuit. Starks would get past Heath on lap three, and a lap four restart set Trey up for a series of moves that saw him take the lead on the fourth lap, lose it back to Croft on lap five but regain it for good on lap six. From there, Starks built an insurmountable lead of over half a track in taking home the feature win. Croft and Heath had an awesome race through slower traffic with Croft scoring runner up over Heath at the end. Starks was fast time and the heat race winners were Jesse Schlotfeldt, Robbie Price, Colby Thornhill and Dominic Scelzi.

Starks also had to work for his win in the Sportsman Sprints. Aboard the Rutz Racing entry, Starks found the bottom of turn one and two to his liking and passed Jesson Jacobson for the lead on lap 11 in taking the win. Jacobson was second in front of a hard charging Levi Hillier who took third. Jacobson set quick time and won his heat race, while Starks and Jayden Whitney were the other heat race winners.

Alex Peck led every lap of the NW Focus Midget main event for his first win of the year. Peck was chased all race long by eventual runner up Jared Peterson but never lost the lead en route to victory lane. Nick Evans drove up to third. Peterson was a heat race winner, as were Jonathan Jorgenson and Brad Pritchard.

360 Summer Challenge Series - 29 Entries

  • Fast Time - Trey Starks 11.964

  • Heat 1 - Jesse Schlotfeldt

  • Heat 2 - Robbie Price

  • Heat 3 - Colby Thornhill

  • Heat 4 - Dominic Scelzi

B Main: Jordi Meese, Jordan Milne, Dustin Gehring, Jeff Dunlap, Shawn Wallenfelsz Jr, Duke Johnson, Dan Reynold, Axel Oudman

A Main: Trey Starks, Willie Croft, Colton Heath, Robbie Price, Jason Solwold, Dominic Scelzi, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Tanner Holm, Cam Smith, Levi Hillier, Bailey Hibbard, Levi Klatt, Chase Goetz, Mike Brown, Jordi Meese, Jordan Milne, Luke Didiuk, Destry Miller, Jeff Dunlap, Bill Rude, Dustin Gehring, Colby Thornhill, Levi Kuntz, Ashleigh Anstensen

Lap Leaders: Croft 1-3; Starks 4; Croft 5; Starks 6-30

Sportsman Sprints - 22 Entries

  • Fast Time - Jesson Jacobson 12.563

  • Heat 1 - Jesson Jacobson

  • Heat 2 - Jayden Whitney

  • Heat 3 - Trey Starks

B Main: Chris Foster, Keira Zylstra, Dustin Gehring, Alden Ostrom, Brian Holmkvist, Tanner Merritt, Tim Martin, Zoey Tupper, Roger Oudman

A Main: Trey Starks, Jesson Jacobson, Levi Hillier, Jayden Whitney, Brody Ferguson, Kai Dixon, Tom Weiss, Brett McGhie, Keira Zylstra, Mike Brown, Lawrance Kirkham, Steve Parker, Dustin Gehring, Allison Johnson, Alden Ostrom, Chris Foster

Lap Leaders: Jacobson 1-10; Starks 11-25

NW Focus Midgets - 25 Entries

  • Heat 1 - Jonathan Jorgenson

  • Heat 2 - Jared Peterson

  • Heat 3 - Brad Pritchard

Main: Alex Peck, Jared Peterson, Nick Evans, Tyler Luce, Eric Turner, Jonathan Jorgenson, Ashley Thompson, Kyle Hansen, Chad Kincaid, Brian Holmkvist, Doug Davenport, Kaden Holm, Chris Cort, Brad Pritchard, Todd Hartmann, Randy Schaaf, Chuck Pierce, Stuart Milner, Morgan Benson, Ayuka Carlson, Ryan Nootenboom

Lap Leaders: Peck 1-24

Next event

Saturday, June 15: 360 Sprint Cars, Sportsman Sprint Cars and IMCA Modifieds. Gates open at 5 p.m. and racing starts at 7.