New Year's NBA resolutions

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With the New Year approaching, I'm guessing that one resolution NBA players won't be making is "to work out more." These guys are in terrific shape already and don't need anymore trips to the gym.

Be kinder to your enemies? Maybe the Knicks and Nuggets could go for that one, but in general, most teams get along fine. Eat more vegetables? Possibly. Those late-night flights don't always provide the healthiest meals.

But while NBA teams and players might not have the same resolutions as you or me, I guarantee you they have plenty of things they're hoping for.

So here you go: each NBA team's New Year's resolution.

Philadelphia 76ers: The Sixers vow to make wise use of their three first-round picks in the June draft, thereby validating their trade of Allen Iverson.

Toronto Raptors: Bryan Colangelo will continue the solid rebuilding job he has going already and turn the Raptors into playoff contenders.

New York Knicks: Isiah Thomas promises to develop a sound rebuilding plan for the Knicks that includes both fiscal responsibility and player compatibility.

New Jersey Nets: The Nets will finish above .500, sparing the Atlantic Division of the ultimate indignity – a champion that loses more than half its games.

Boston Celtics: Danny Ainge pledges to parlay all that young talent he has into an established veteran who can give Paul Pierce more help.

Orlando Magic: Grant Hill vows to stay healthy and play in the playoffs for the first time since he's been in Orlando.

Miami Heat: Shaquille O'Neal promises to get healthy, work his way back into shape and help the defending champs get ready for a repeat.

Washington Wizards: Gilbert Arenas will continue to fire away, keep being quirky and keep practicing his jumper at 2 a.m.

Charlotte Bobcats: Bob Johnson vows to open up his wallet this summer and add some talent to the lowest-paid roster in the NBA.

Atlanta Hawks: Joe Johnson promises to continue his development as one of the best "two" guards in the NBA and to keep carrying his young team.

Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James' teammates pledge to give him a little help.

Detroit Pistons: The Pistons will win the Eastern Conference, proving that they can do it without Ben Wallace.

Milwaukee Bucks: The Bucks will continue to run and gun, but they'll actually win more games so that people will take notice of how talented they are.

Chicago Bulls: The Bulls vow to keep playing as hard as anyone in the NBA and to get past the first round of the playoffs.

Indiana Pacers: The Pacers promise to either win five in a row or lose five in a row. This .500 stuff is getting boring.

Denver Nuggets: Allen Iverson will go to practice every day in Denver, listen to George Karl and pass the ball to Carmelo Anthony.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin McHale vows to help Kevin Garnett win a championship – either in Minnesota or elsewhere.

Utah Jazz: The Jazz promise to stay healthy, so that their fans can continue to enjoy the best Utah season since the departure of Stockton and Malone.

Seattle SuperSonics: Sonics management pledges to come to an agreement with the city on financing for a new arena, ensuring that the team stays in Seattle – which is where it belongs.

Portland Trail Blazers: Nate McMillan promises to stay on course in rebuilding the Blazers, reconnecting the bond between the team and the city of Portland.

Los Angeles Lakers: Phil Jackson vows to avoid saying anything bad about Shaq, the Spurs, the Kings, the Clippers, the referees or anyone else in the league.

Los Angeles Clippers: Shaun Livingston lives up to his own promise – that he's one of the best young point guards in the NBA.

Phoenix Suns: Mike D'Antoni declares to up the ante even higher, telling his team to shoot in "five seconds or less."

Golden State Warriors: Don Nelson will play five guards at once and employ a zone for an entire game. Wait, he's already done that.

Sacramento Kings: The Maloof brothers pledge to keep their team in Sacramento. The league's most loyal fans deserve it.

New Orleans Hornets: Chris Paul promises to continue being one of the NBA's best point guards and one of its nicest guys.

Houston Rockets: Team trainer Keith Jones vows to keep Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady out of the training room and on the court at the same time.

Dallas Mavericks: Mark Cuban continues to be the smart, innovative owner that he is, but with a little more respect for David Stern and the NBA.

Memphis Grizzlies: Owner Michael Heisley promises to resolve the issue of the team's sale one way or another, so that Jerry West can be free to improve the club.

San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs vow to do something crazy in one game – launch 40 threes, try for Nate Robinson-like self-alley oops, etc. – just so we'll know they're not robots out there.