'Size of the squad and the injuries' - your biggest gripes of the season

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We asked you what the most irritating thing at your club has been this season, whether it be inconsistency, injuries or a player failing to deliver.

Here are some of your replies:

Finlay: Squad depth isn’t really ideal. Hopefully Cunha, Hwang, Neto and Dawson will all be back ASAP.

Helen: This is by far the most enjoyable season as a Wolves fan post-Covid. I’m delighted with Gary O'Neil and the boys. My only gripe is that the final goal in the Coventry game felt like deja vu - it was a carbon copy of the losing goal against Manchester United at home - both in form and context. Why didn’t we learn our lesson?

Jack: Considering we thought we were doomed before the season even started, Wolves have had a pretty good season. Mind you, it'd be even better were it nor for a string of horrendous VAR decisions that have arguably robbed us of eight or nine points. Had those decisions been made correctly, Wolves could be planning for a well-earned European campaign!

Askey: I think Wolves are going to struggle now to the end of the season because of the size of their squad and the injuries. Hopefully next season they can get a few more players in and push for the European spots.