Sixers’ Tyrese Maxey gives utmost respect to Lakers star LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is still putting up some ridiculous scoring nights at the age of 38 and in year 20 in the NBA. The Philadelphia 76ers were able to knock off the Lakers on Sunday night, but they had to overcome James in order to do so.

James had 35 points on 15-for-23 shooting with 10 assists and eight rebounds as he continues to inch closer to passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points scored in NBA history. James is now at 38,024 points surpassing the 38,000 mark against the Sixers. He became the youngest player in the history of the game to do so.

“I say about Joel (Embiid) all the time, they’re just really, really good at basketball,” Tyrese Maxey told reporters. “Bron, he’s really, really good at basketball and he’s really, really good at taking care of his body. Those two things that, when you do that, the longevity of your career will be special. He’s showing us that right now.”

James right now looks like he can go another couple of years and still play at a high level. He was bullying defenders on his way to the basket and he has been able to still throw the Lakers on his back when the time calls for it.

“He’s still running up and down the court catching lobs,” Maxey continued. “He’s still a problem for defenses in the league and you still see it. Hats off to him.”

James and Maxey are represented by the same agency, Klutch, so that adds to Maxey’s respect level for him.

“That’s just like a family member of mine just because of agency and all the different things,” Maxey finished. “I can’t wait to see another day that he becomes number one in the scoring or whatever. So just hats off to him and he’s a great player.”


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Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire