Sixers’ Tobias Harris watched a lot of film looking to be more aggressive

NEW YORK — The Philadelphia 76ers will go as far as Joel Embiid takes them. That has always been the case, but other proven pieces on this roster need to step up and produce.

One of those pieces is Tobias Harris. The much-maligned forward has drawn the ire of the city of Philadelphia and he didn’t help his case in the Game 1 loss to the New York Knicks. He took only seven shots to score seven points and nine rebounds.

That performance sent Harris to the film room to sit down and figure out ways he can be better in this series moving forward.

“Obviously, you gotta take what the game gives you,” said Harris at shootaround on Monday morning. “For somebody like me, you sit down, you watch the film, you see if there’s different areas out there that you can be more aggressive, but for the most part, just evaluating.”

Coach Nick Nurse is a brilliant basketball mind and he will find ways to get Harris involved on the offensive end. On an off day on Sunday, Nurse and the Sixers sat down and went through the film as Harris looks to find his spots and opportunities on offense.

“A lot of it, I’m going into the games with the mindset of being aggressive and trying to make plays and be active on the offensive end, but also that comes into play with what coach was saying to us yesterday just creating different variability on the offensive end,” Harris continued. “Different looks and not being too predictable with what we’re doing.”

On the flip side, Harris has always been a rhythm player. Always. He is not going to demand the ball or disrupt any of the team’s offensive sets. He has always been a guy who will play within what the team wants to do and then take advantage of his opportunities. That’s why a film session is important in this instance: to find more opportunities.

“At the end of the day, though, for myself personally, watch the film and figure out areas where you think you could be a little bit more aggressive and whatnot and try to get some things going, but I’ve always been a player that takes what the game is giving to me,” he continued. “I’m not out there passing up shots.”

Harris is a player who needs the ball in his spots on the floor. He will be aggressive and continue to look for his spots to contribute. The Knicks are a physical defensive team and threw him off his spots in Game 1. That has to change.

“I would love to be as aggressive as I need to be, but I also saw a few areas where I probably could have pulled the shot and it’s, like, if we’re talking to just get that type of rhythm, that flow, that may be what’s needed,” he finished. “Then I’ll make that adjustment.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire