Sixers recognize they have a problem of not bringing effort for 48 minutes

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers dropped their seventh in their last eight on Wednesday following a 127-104 loss to the Golden State Warriors at home. The Sixers got blitzed in the third quarter and they could not respond which led to another loss for this group.

Philadelphia led by as many as 10 in the first half as their defense was stifling and they were able to eke out a double-digit lead as they got off to a good start. However, the Warriors blitzed them from the middle of the second quarter on and the Sixers couldn’t respond.

This has been a trend for the Sixers as of late. They get off to good starts only to see their lead slip away and they can’t respond. It happened in the loss to the Dallas Mavericks as well. Without Joel Embiid, that can’t be the case. It has to be 48 minutes.

“I think you want your guys to compete, and they did for a half, but that isn’t good enough,” coach Nick Nurse after the loss. “Again, three quarters, played our guts out the other night. I know it’s 75-74 or whatever the score is. It’s a tough slog for us to score, but so be it, right? If we gotta fight and be in games ugly, then so be it. I think, again, they came out with another gear in the second half and just ran right past us on a bunch of stuff and both physically and mentally, not enough energy.”

Nurse is right. The Sixers have to find a way to compete every single possession. They have to figure this thing out before they fall further down the standings without Embiid.

“That’s what we got to figure out,” added Tobias Harris. “For us as a whole group, it’s just sticking with it and kind of building off what’s working while it’s happening. I think not getting caught up in a couple of stretches that we miss shots and whatnot. I thought that was kind of the case and I missed some looks there in the first half for a few possessions in a row and they were able to capitalize in school on all those possessions.”

There is still a lot of basketball left to be played in the season. The Sixers have 32 games left before the playoffs begin and with Embiid’s return still up in the air, but also a possibility, they have to stay together and figure things out on the floor as a group.

“We got to stick with it,” Harris added. “Keep our energy. Keep our swag. At the same time, we also have to find our identity defensively and offensively, we have to figure out where we’re gonna hang our hat on and how we’re going to be able to generate good looks for one another out there on the floor. How in the halfcourt what we’re gonna get into and then how we can be unpredictable for the other teams guarding us and just fuel off of some type of life there on the offensive end.”

The Sixers will take on the Atlanta Hawks on Friday which is another chance to turn things around.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire