Sixers’ Paul Reed battling through pressure to fill in for Joel Embiid

PHILADELPHIA — One doesn’t just replace Joel Embiid. There is no formula for replacing a guy who averages 35.3 points per game. The Philadelphia 76ers don’t have another guy who can simply dominate a game the way Embiid does.

Therefore, one can forgive Paul Reed if he doesn’t put up the same type of numbers.

What Reed does do is bring energy on a nightly basis and continue to be a solid player on a nightly basis. In Friday’s 104-97 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Reed had eight points and 12 rebounds with three blocks. It was an effort that was much better than in Thursday’s loss to the New York Knicks when he had just two points and five rebounds.

“After just having a bad game, I felt like I had to come out and redeem myself,” Reed said after the win. “I know what type of city we’re in right now. In Philly, they don’t play so I gotta make sure I’m putting on for the team and the coaches and my teammates, you feel me? That was my biggest thing going into tonight. Playing with a ton of energy, going after every loose ball, playing as hard as I can, and let the results be whatever they are.”

With that being said, with the way the city of Philadelphia is and the type of situation the Sixers are in right now, they need Reed to continue to play this way to help Philadelphia stay afloat. Embiid will return soon, but Reed has to continue to rise to the occasion and help the Sixers win basketball games. There is a lot of pressure on his shoulders right now.

“Of course, I feel the pressure, but you know, pressure can either burst pipes or make diamonds,” Reed stated. “I feel like, in my case, it’s always made diamonds out of me, you feel me? I love the pressure. I want it. I want all the smoke.”

The Sixers will continue to rely on Reed and look to pick up wins along the way. His next challenge will be on Sunday when he has to contend with Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez down low.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire