Should Sixers look into trading Matisse Thybulle at the deadline?

The Philadelphia 76ers have some decisions to make before the Feb. 9 trade deadline. They will have to decide what moves to make in order to help themselves succeed in the 2022-23 title run while also thinking about the future and any financial decisions that need to be made.

Currently, the Sixers are roughly $1.1 million above the luxury tax line and it might be time to make some type of smaller move in order to get below that line rather than swing for the fences for another big move.

Matisse Thybulle comes to mind as he is set to his restricted free agency at the end of the 2022-23 season after not being able to agree to an extension before the season. He has been in and out of the rotation and one might consider him for a deal.

Why would the Sixers consider Thybulle?

As Bleacher Report puts it in Philadelphia’s case:

Skirting the tax instead looms as a primary focus. The Sixers are around $1.1 million above the line. This isn’t why I’m suggesting they sell. I don’t care about saving team governors Josh Harris and David Blitzer money.

This is more about turning Matisse Thybulle into something, anything, before he hits restricted free agency and they’re compelled to pony up any money, at all, for someone who doesn’t forecast as a core member of the nucleus. Indeed, his on-off splits this year are wildly positive. Don’t let them fool you.

Thybulle remains an offensive non-factor with an inflated defensive reputation who doesn’t fit well in the half-court for a team built around Embiid, and who won’t populate any of Philly’s most important playoff lineups. Moving him is just smart asset allocation. If the Sixers happen to sidestep the tax in the process, then so be it

Analyzing why Thybulle shouldn't be traded

Thybulle makes a difference. Plain and simple. Per Cleaning the Glass, the Sixers are plus-4.7 when he is on the floor and they are a perfect 10-0 when he does play at least 20 minutes per game. His ability to disrupt opposing game plans on the offensive end is a huge help and he is a guy who can make things happen just with his defensive ability. The numbers and the eye test shows that he should be a big factor for the Sixers on a nightly basis.

Analyzing why Thybulle should be moved

The offense just still isn’t there. He deserves a ton of credit for his movement off the ball. He is able to create open looks for his teammates just by doing that because it then causes defenses to give their attention to him off the ball. The biggest thing is always the 3-point shot. There have been flashes of good potential there with the shot, but it hasn’t nearly been consistent enough and that could be why he is on the block before the deadline.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire