Sixers' Josh Richardson has a wide range of breakfast cereal opinions

Adam Hermann
NBC Sports Philadelphia

Josh Richardson finally returned this week, after an extended absence from what he does best.

Playing basketball? Maybe. But also, tweeting about breakfast cereal.

Richardson, the Sixers' ebullient 26-year-old guard, is one of the team's most Online players, sharing his opinions on video games and boneless wings, and making his Twitter icon a strangely Photoshopped picture of... himself.

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And his most consistent bit online is sharing his opinions on, and love for, cereal, because it doesn't matter how much money you make: cereal is a grand uniter.

On Tuesday night, after the Sixers' gigantic home win over the Clippers - in which Richardson went off with a game-sealing fourth quarter performance - Richardson shared a photo of his burgeoning cereal collection as he decided on a fitting celebratory snack:

In late December, Richardson led us on a roller coaster of a late-night adventure after opting for a bowl of Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch:

But his cereal love dates back way, way earlier than his time with the Sixers.

Here's Richardson tweeting, unprompted, at General Mills about a new cereal:

Here's Richardson tweeting about only having cereal in his apartment before his rookie year with the Heat:

Here's Richardson being distressed by Poland's cereal choices, when he spent two weeks abroad with Athletes for Action:

And here's Richardson with an enormous bowl of cereal as a freshman at Tennessee:

Richardson is clearly very serious about his cereal, and his followers have shared plenty of thoughts about both his cereal inventory and his two-cereal creations, like Cookie Flakes , which one can only assume is a combination of Frosted Flakes and Cookie Crisp.

The one cereal the young guard can't stand?

Sorry, Honey Bunches of Oats. This Cereal Influencer isn't interested.

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Sixers' Josh Richardson has a wide range of breakfast cereal opinions originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

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