Sixers drawing on toughness they’ve built to help them in Game 6

CAMDEN, N.J. — In the past, the Philadelphia 76ers have been unable to come out on top in tough situations. When faced with adversity in the past, the Sixers would not be able to find a way to be successful.

However, the Game 5 road win over the New York Knicks was impressive. Philadelphia trailed by six with 28.2 seconds left with its season on the line. Instead of giving up, the Sixers dug deep and were able to walk away with a win in order to keep the season alive.

As Philadelphia heads into Game 6, the toughness it has built throughout the season will have to come to light. The Sixers hung around while Joel Embiid went through his meniscus procedure and injuries to other key pieces. Now, they will have to be tough against the Knicks.

“Listen, it should make your team a little better and tougher as you go,” said coach Nick Nurse. “I think you need these experiences. To get the best version of this team out, you’ve got to go through a lot of situations. And usually, tough situations where you come through the other side can help at some point down the line.”

With that being said, just because the Sixers have gone through a lot and have built up that toughness doesn’t mean they will win Game 6. They will have to execute and continue to keep New York off the glass, but those tough times will help them in this case.

“That doesn’t always mean it’s going to help the next game or anything,” Nurse said of the grit his team has built. “But it just gives you some experience that you’ve got some resolve, right?”

Tip off for a win-or-go-home Game 6 is set for 9 p.m. EDT for the Sixers on Thursday.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire